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Limited Edition 5 Piece Ocean Canvas (ONLY 11 LEFT IN STOCK)


Imagine walking into your home and being in complete awe of this gorgeous, vibrant scene of the ocean. It’s as if you are actually there. You feel the breeze of the wind, the sand brushing against your feet, and the sun kissing your face with its precious warmth. You hear the waves crashing as you look into the horizon, appreciating every bit of nature’s beauty. At Modern Arrival, we don’t just design canvas prints - we deliver an experience. An experience that you and your guests will be inspired by every time you look at your walls. You’re just a few steps away from entering paradise…

Every custom made Ocean canvas artwork is adjusted by hand for the best possible print quality, then expertly transferred to premium artistic canvas. 

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✅ Available for a LIMITED TIME!

✅ Ready To Hang (Framed)

✅ Printed to Order

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The canvas shown on Facebook is our Extra Large Framed Canvas, which is HIGHLY recommended.

  • Medium includes: 5 Panels
    2 - 8" x 14" pieces
    2 - 8" x 18" pieces
    1 - 8" x 22" piece
  • Large includes: 5 Panels
    2 - 12" x 20" pieces
    2 - 12" x 28" pieces
    1 - 12" x 32" piece
  • Extra Large includes: 5 Panels
    2 - 16" x 24" pieces
    2 - 16" x 32" pieces
    1 - 16" x 40" piece

    Our Framed Canvases are professionally mounted and Ready to Hang on your wall! 1.25" Deep Wrapped Stretched Canvas with solid front construction, so the canvas won’t stretch or sag. In addition, beautiful corners, and a finished backing that's ready to brighten up any home or office space! 

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